Latasha is an NYC native and cum laude graduate. She began her career in the vast and un-glamourous world of Fashion PR, until she found her passion in entertainment and filmmaking. She started her first brand, Dope Files, in 2010, and was able to garner herself interviews with some of the most established names in Fashion & Music, such as Anna Sui, Pharrell Williams, Trey Songz, and much more. This launched her into a world of radio, on-screen hosting, and live event MC'ing.

She ended Dope Files in 2014 in search of work with a purpose. She discovered that her passion for Black art & activism was shared amongst a vast audience, which birthed her current brand, JustLatasha , where she films comedic vlogs about pop culture, social issues, and mental health to her 11K+ subscribers..

This also led to her highly anticipated comedy web series, Sit Black & Relax, which debuted March 14th, 2016 and can be streamed on Amazon Prime. This was her first scripted work, and she is more than excited to share more of her talents with the world.